If You Suck — You Suck

    Don’t blame the gun   There are a lot of gun myths out there that keep getting repeated by lazy gun writers and blowhards in the gun shops or at the range. Another one recently came up. I was tagged in a Facebook posting asking about which gun to bring on an upcoming elk hunt. The guy has a .308 Scout rifle and a Ruger African in .375 Ruger. Several other people weighed in before I did, all … Continue reading

Don’t Ignore the Wheel Gun

By: Bryce M. Towsley In today’s world of high capacity, polymer-frame, semi-auto pistols we often forget about the original repeating handgun. While the roots of the revolver go back to the revolving arquebus, produced by Hans Stopler of Nuremberg in 1597, it was 1836 before Sam Colt figured out how to make it work best. Once Colt started making revolvers, the world of defensive handguns changed forever. It wasn’t so long ago that almost everybody, law enforcement and civilians alike, … Continue reading

Following the Wrong Gun Advice Can Make You Dead

If you are fighting for your life, bring a big gun. That is the best gun advice I can give. Lately a lot of so called “experts” have been worshiping at the altar of the 9mm handgun as a self-defense cartridge.  With no argument containing logic, ballistics or physics on their side, most feel they need to tear down the other, bigger cartridges to make their case.  I suppose that approach has some merit in today’s America, after all Obama’s … Continue reading

An Honest Look at the .380 Polymer Carry Guns

The saying that “a carry gun should not be comfortable, it should be comforting,” is, like most platitudes, corny, catchy and flawed. The problem with carry guns is that you have to carry them. If we could pick the time and place we would need them, that wouldn’t be much of an issue. But we can’t. I remember field testing a new holster with a full size 1911 pistol a few years ago. My wife and I were at the … Continue reading

Handguns for a Home Invasion

It was a long and rough day and when your head hit the pillow you were out instantly. Hours later, you are startled out of a deep sleep to the sound of your front door being kicked in. Disoriented and confused, you listen as your dog barks hysterically and then whimpers in pain. The silence that follows is terrifying. You grab the phone and call 911, but know the response time will be far too long. Like they say, when … Continue reading