Hunting With Short Guns

Back when the earth was flat and my hair was still dark, I was slipping along through an old abandoned apple orchard in Vermont’s Taconic Mountains when a deer suddenly appeared like an apparition out of the morning fog. I drew the long barreled .44 Magnum from its holster, cocked the hammer and, holding the gun in a classic two hand, “Weaver Stance,” I caressed the trigger I had spent hours tuning. The gun shattered the quiet morning and when … Continue reading

Whitetail Home Invasion

It’s never too soon to start thinking about next deer season.  If you hunt public land you understand frustration.  Here is a technique that can lead to success, but the time for scouting locations is now. Time and again I have heard that you need to stay out of a buck’s bedding area because if you disturb him there, he will abandon it and perhaps move out of your hunting area. Good advice if you have a lot of private … Continue reading