A Buck

I wrote this several years ago when I was starting out as an outdoor writer. It was published several times in The Vermont Sportsman and a few other magazines.  I was back on that mountain a few weeks ago and stood under that old treestand. The National Forrest is grown past any good deer habitat and it has choked out the apple trees. I realized that it’s likely no deer had passed by in weeks. The mountain is now a … Continue reading

A Dozen Tips for Rattling Whitetails

Deer seasons are open and soon the rut will be heating up all over the country. Here are a few tips on one of my favorit deer hunting techniques, rattling. 1: Don’t Intimidate Them My wife taught me this one. Like many, I thought that to shoot the dominant buck in the area I had to have a big set of horns. I had a “macho” set that I rattled and banged with loud abandon, but with no luck at … Continue reading