Survival Lessons from the Industry Masters

I am at the Orlando airport watching steady stream of desiccated, tired looking grandparents staggering by with grumpy kids wearing Mickey Mouse hats. It’s been hot this weekend, but then Florida gets that way in July. I am not sure who thought it would be a good idea to schedule a shooting match in Florida in July, but the Industry Masters is now a sweltering, sweaty memory. I shot on the Hodgdon team and other than the shotgun, I can’t … Continue reading

Beyond the Tactard Tango

I am just back from a two day Reflexive Shooting class at the Sig Sauer Academy. I fired more than a thousand pistol rounds at stationary and moving targets, in bright light, low light and no light, all without sights. I am a happy man. It’s no secret in shooting circles that almost nobody sees their pistol sights in a shootout. At least not in the first critical seconds, which they tell me is when most of the bad stuff … Continue reading