Shotgun or Muzzle Loader?

 The choices hunters face when hunting whitetails where rifles are not an option.   In a lot of places, deer hunters have the choice of using a shotgun or muzzle loader during some of the “shotgun” deer seasons. But how do you choose? There are pros and cons to each. The most obvious are that a shotgun has more than one shot, so it’s very fast on the reload. In fact, if you using a semi-auto you can be ready … Continue reading

My Reward?

I am dead. The specifics of the event are not important here, but it is the one thing that I am sure about. Soon after it happened I was met by a man whose description eludes me. He said his name was Luke and asked what I wanted. I had just died and he was asking what I wanted? This was getting a bit weird already. I wanted to be alive again, that’s what I wanted, and I wasn’t exactly … Continue reading