The Ungrateful Nature of Hounds

Sometimes the deal is just too good to pass up. I didn’t need or really want a new shotgun, but the price for the Caesar Guerini Woodlander shotgun was stupid low. So, I wrote the check and put the gun in the vault with plans to flip it and make some money. The trouble is I have a phobia against selling any guns and so it sat there as an “investment” for several years. It had been a tough year … Continue reading

UTS-15 The Future of Fighting Shotguns?

It’s a changing world out there and the challenges we face today are different from just a few years ago. Just look at the headlines. Terrorist attacks or natural disasters, coupled with slow or poor response from the government, often leaves thousands to fend for themselves. Also, the looming threat of a man-made disaster, war or economic collapse poses a huge potential for social unrest. It can all result in large gangs of looters or worse, which can mean that … Continue reading


“I wish it was reversed so our dogs lasted forever and we had to get a new shotgun every ten years.” -Bob Rose   “New England woodcock hunting over dogs is a unique wing shooting experience,” Bob Rose said. But I was only half listening. He was uncasing a vintage, sidelever Purdy 16 bore double gun and I was having a hard time focusing. It’s the kind of gun I dream about and I suspected it had to be worth more … Continue reading