If You Suck — You Suck

    Don’t blame the gun   There are a lot of gun myths out there that keep getting repeated by lazy gun writers and blowhards in the gun shops or at the range. Another one recently came up. I was tagged in a Facebook posting asking about which gun to bring on an upcoming elk hunt. The guy has a .308 Scout rifle and a Ruger African in .375 Ruger. Several other people weighed in before I did, all … Continue reading

The First Family of Shooting

The Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Match lasted six days this year; five days of competition and a final day for shoot-offs and awards. While my performance was a bit dismal, it was one of the best matches I have ever attended. One reason was the company. Among others, I was squadded with the Miculek family and that made the experience so much better. Jerry Miculek is perhaps the best all-around shooter alive, his wife Kay is one of the top … Continue reading

Sometimes the Winning Strategy is to Leave it Alone

 I just spent the afternoon tuning up my Benelli M2 for the Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun match. I installed a new RCI magazine tube and a new recoil spring. I tweaked and polished some trouble spots. Then I did a complete disassembly, cleaning, lube and reassembly. This gun was giving me trouble at the Iron Man match and that’s something I find unacceptable. But it’s not Benelli’s fault, this is a tricked out “competition” gun that’s been highly modified. In … Continue reading

Trigger Points

If you are a hunter you know what it takes to reach this point. The final moment when it’s all on the line and it’s time to shoot. You have poured your heart and soul into getting here. All the months of hard work, the dripping blood, sweat and tears has all been leading this millisecond when you pull the trigger. Hunting is a process, a journey and this is the last step, the final mile and what follows will … Continue reading

Smart Choices about Fighting Shotguns

  “Don’t get stuck on stupid!” – General Russel L. Honoré to a reporter after Hurricane Katrina.   As shooters we do indeed tend to get “stuck on stupid” sometimes. Case in point, the continued dominance of the pump action tactical shotgun. We left the revolver behind decades ago and in modern times semi-auto handguns predominate with LE, military and serious civilians. The bolt action battle rifle is so WW I. Again, semi-auto rifles are the overwhelmingly top choice for … Continue reading