Mozambique Drill

The Mozambique drill was made famous by Jeff Cooper after learning about this incident. The story goes that this technique originated with a Rhodesian mercenary, Mike Rousseau. He was fighting in the Mozambican War of Independence 1964-1974. During fighting at the Lourenço Marques airport (modern-day Maputo), Rousseau rounded a corner and encountered a FRELIMO guerrilla, 10 paces away and armed with an AK-47. Rousseau used his Browning High Power pistol to do a double tap, hitting the guy twice in … Continue reading

The Coolest Rifle Ever for Zombies, Disaster Survival, or Just Looking Good at the Range.

I am not sure how many Walking Dead fans read this, but I am sure that like me they spend an unhealthy amount of time yelling at the television. The choice of weapons on that show is absurd. It has gotten better in recent years, but it’s still enough to make a true gun guy foam at the mouth. Darrell’s crossbow is my biggest pet peeve. It looks cool and no doubt it has all the basement warriors watching the … Continue reading