Victims in Waiting – One survival tool you need

The rule is never talk to reporters and it’s a good one to follow. They are never on our side and they are rarely honest. But my thoughts are if we refuse to talk with them, nobody will ever hear our side of the story. So I stuck my neck out and consented to the interview. What the result will be remains to be seen, but I trusted the young lady when she said she wanted to present gun owners … Continue reading

Prepper Guns is For Sale!

  “The only one who knows more about guns than Towsley is God, and I’m not sure about that.” —J. Guthrie, as told to Mike Mattly PREPPER GUNS Firearms, Ammo, Tools and Techniques You Will Need to Survive the Coming Collapse   By Bryce M. Towsley Food, water and shelter are very important to survival. But you must also be ready to protect what is yours after a social or economic collapse. If somebody stronger, better prepared and better equipped … Continue reading

Time to get your can in action

Preppers need to be a bit thick skinned, as most of the public looks at us with smug amusement. For example during a recent medical visit we were making small talk about how we had spent the past weekend. “I was canning venison,” I said. That brought a little smile of superiority to my health care provider. “Who does that anymore,” he asked quite smugly. “I do,” I replied. “So do millions of other smart people.” “I doubt it,” he … Continue reading

The Lever Action Alternative

This is excerpted from my upcoming book, “Survival Guns for Preppers” due out this spring.     If you are politically oppressed and can’t own the gun you want, this might be the gun you need   There is no question that a magazine fed, semi-auto rifle is the best tool for surviving what’s coming. But what if you are one of those poor unfortunate souls who live where the government doesn’t trust you enough to own one? Well the … Continue reading

Survival Guns

The concept of a “Survival” gun again has taken on a bit of a romantic notion with the prepper movement. I stand firm that the best survival gun is an AR-15 or AR-L in .308. There is not much that these guns can’t do. They are outstanding for defense and adequate for hunting and foraging. While a lot of what is written is about hunting, I think the biggest issue is going to be defense. Staying alive, particularly in the … Continue reading

Are you ready?

On the television this morning as I ate breakfast was yet another economic guy explaining how the U.S. economy is nothing but a shaky house of cards. He explained about how the Fed is just propping it all up by buying bonds and keeping interest rates low while at the same time printing money at an unprecedented rate. “Their goal,” he said, “or at least what I believe is their goal, is to keep all the balls in the air … Continue reading

Are You Ready?

 While researching a new book project I bought both of Mel Tappan’s books. For those of you who don’t know, he was pretty much the Godfather of the prepper movement. They called it Survival back then, but Tappan ruled the market in those bleak Jimmy Carter years. Although he died young and unexpectedly, his book “Survival Guns” is a classic. After his death his wife put together some of his columns from Guns and Ammo and Solider of Fortune and … Continue reading

The BS Flags

  I know I have been beating this drum over and over, but what I thought was fiction in The 14th Reinstated seems to be coming true. Frankly it’s starting to worry me. I was using my imagination and trying to see the worst case scenarios for where the country and the world were heading. I thought it made an interesting book and perhaps a cautionary tale about what “could” happen. But I never thought it would really follow the … Continue reading

What is Prepping?

Recently a writer I have read for years, but never met, contacted me through mutual friends.  He is doing a piece for a national magazine on preppers and asked for an interview. While I write about prepping for magazines and prepping was an undercurrent in The 14th Reinstated, I have never really considered myself to be a prepper. But, I guess in looking at the issue I am one of sorts. I don’t have a bunker or a small army, … Continue reading

Which Guns Should You Buy for the Coming Collapse?

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today. –Mark Twain I can tell you that no book worth reading in the history of the world was finished on schedule. Anybody organized and disciplined enough to do that is not creative enough to write anything other than a boring book. I know writers like that; precise, on schedule and very organized and their books are snooze fests. Check into all the great writers in history and you will find that they … Continue reading

Now Is the Time to Start

I was worn out from travel and trying to recover from some minor surgery, so I spent the day riding the couch. It was my misfortune to turn on a cable show about preppers. If you didn’t know any better you would think they are all complete fools that are a little bit crazy and a lot bit dangerous. This show was set in a compound in Florida which they ran like a military camp. It showed them “training” by … Continue reading

Getting Home

The truth is that I hope The 14th Reinstated remains fiction. But I fear it will not. Just look at what’s happening around the world right now, with riots in multiple countries, including in the USA. I don’t believe that these are all spontaneous uprisings. I think some of them are being orchestrated and I fear they may be the prelude to bad times ahead. When I personalize a copy of the book I usually add the inscription, “Keep your … Continue reading

Ninety Second Bug Out Bag

    If the scenarios predicted in the 14th Reinstated become reality, and it’s looking more and more like they might, you need to be prepared. If you must leave your home in a hurry, can you survive the next few days? When the shit hits the fan nobody can predict the splatter pattern. In the world of understatement it might be a classic to say we live in uncertain times. Floods, fires, severe weather, social collapse and terrorism all hang … Continue reading