Survival Lessons from the Industry Masters

I am at the Orlando airport watching steady stream of desiccated, tired looking grandparents staggering by with grumpy kids wearing Mickey Mouse hats. It’s been hot this weekend, but then Florida gets that way in July. I am not sure who thought it would be a good idea to schedule a shooting match in Florida in July, but the Industry Masters is now a sweltering, sweaty memory. I shot on the Hodgdon team and other than the shotgun, I can’t … Continue reading

Dark Issues

The overhead light at the ATM was burned out and it was dark as I exited the car. Almost at once I noticed several attackers. I drew my 1911 and tried to see the front sight as I pointed at the closest one. There were security lights shining in my eyes, which made it harder to see the target, while the black on black sights that had worked so well at the range just disappeared. I made my best guess … Continue reading