My Little Voice

My paternal grandmother was an amazing woman. She was of French Canadian descent and most likely, judging by her looks, a good deal Algonquin Indian; although her generation kept those things secret. She was a tiny, five foot ball of energy and could out work anybody well into her eighties. She had little formal education, but ran several successful businesses and raised five children spread out over more than two decades in age. She developed her own system of math … Continue reading

The BS Flags

  I know I have been beating this drum over and over, but what I thought was fiction in The 14th Reinstated seems to be coming true. Frankly it’s starting to worry me. I was using my imagination and trying to see the worst case scenarios for where the country and the world were heading. I thought it made an interesting book and perhaps a cautionary tale about what “could” happen. But I never thought it would really follow the … Continue reading

Obama’s End Game? America’s Downfall

Here is another excerpt from The 14th Reinstated.  It’s looking more and more like the book is a window to the future and America’s downfall. At the rate our debt is piling up, all this could happen in only a few years. After Congress passed the “America First” trade bill, foreign trade ground to a halt. In fact, that one act alone had a lot to do with what China did to our country. We owed them trillions of dollars … Continue reading