Time to get your can in action

Preppers need to be a bit thick skinned, as most of the public looks at us with smug amusement. For example during a recent medical visit we were making small talk about how we had spent the past weekend. “I was canning venison,” I said. That brought a little smile of superiority to my health care provider. “Who does that anymore,” he asked quite smugly. “I do,” I replied. “So do millions of other smart people.” “I doubt it,” he … Continue reading

Things about Hunting You Should know.

How to Read a Track   One trick is to step beside the track and compare how your track looks next to the deer’s. Watch how the snow crumbles in your track and how it is crumbled in the deer’s track. Try to compare that to the temperature in recent hours. Check the edges of the track to see if they are sharp and crisp. The longer a track has been around, the less sharp it is. Even on a … Continue reading