All the Angles

  Shooting long range at an angle is not what you think. I just watched a video on a long range shooting page on Facebook. The guy doing the video is some kind of former Marine super sniper. Big surprise, right? Everybody who has served in the military in the past decade claims to be a sniper or a SEAL. Who the hell are driving the trucks, cooking the food, cleaning the latrines or repairing the vehicles? When everyone is … Continue reading

Miles to Go

If you ever want a lesson in confusion try researching the history of the mile. It will make you nuts. There is the Roman mile, the Italian mile, the Arabic Mile, the English mile, the Irish mile, the Scottish mile, the Welsh mile and the Dutch mile. Let’s not forget the German mile, Austrian mile, Prussian mile, Danish mile, Hungarian mile, Portuguese mile, Russian mile and the Croatian mile. We must also consider the Statute mile, Imperial mile, International mile, U.S. … Continue reading

The Tactical Bludgeon

  (This is excerpted from my new book, Prepper Guns. It is now on sale with an introductory offer of free shipping at Nothing says, “Go away and leave me alone” quite like the .50 BMG.   There is something almost religious about turning loose more than 14,000 foot pounds of energy from a rifle you fire from your shoulder. When you consider that’s about three times the energy produced by most rifles for used for hunting elephants, it … Continue reading

The Ruger Re-Write

Right now long range precision rifle shooting is running hot. There are several configurations of rifles used for this, but one of the most popular is the precision bolt action rifle built on a chassis. The problem from a buyer’s perspective is that these guns are expensive. An entry level gun starts at about $2,500.00 and they can go up from there. Until Ruger decided to re-write the rules. The Ruger Precision Rifle is a high performance, chassis-built long range … Continue reading

A Serious Long Range Rifle

 Long range tactical shooting is huge now, both in competition and for serious tactical applications. It’s also a lot of fun. There is something compelling about placing a bullet on a target so far away you can’t even see it with the naked eye. A target so far off that you are sure you missed long before the clang of a hit reaches your ears. I recently had a purpose specific rifle built in 6.5 Creedmoor just for that use. It … Continue reading

Building Precision .308 Winchester Handloads

The .308 Winchester is perhaps the favorite chambering for precision rifles used for long range shooting. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to load great ammo for your bolt-action, precision rifle with the least amount of work.  Cartridge Case  The cartridge case is the foundation for a good handload. If you don’t have the case properly prepared, nothing else matters. Start with new or once fired cases. There is no point in doing a lot of work … Continue reading