Hunting Cows in India

At the SHOT show some years back there was a buzz among the gun and hunting writers that, in order to promote their new products, one of the big optics companies was going to be taking a bunch of writers to Africa for a Cape buffalo hunt. As the week progressed and the invites were handed out, the aisles on the show floor became a display of who had been chosen, and of those who were not. The guys with … Continue reading

Things about Hunting You Should know.

How to Read a Track   One trick is to step beside the track and compare how your track looks next to the deer’s. Watch how the snow crumbles in your track and how it is crumbled in the deer’s track. Try to compare that to the temperature in recent hours. Check the edges of the track to see if they are sharp and crisp. The longer a track has been around, the less sharp it is. Even on a … Continue reading

In or Out?

The Question of Bullet Performance  There is a popular theory that a big game bullet should stay in a big animal’s body, “dumping all its energy” and unfortunately many hunters are accepting it as gospel. Personally, I find it irresponsible. A .22 LR will always stay in the deer, dumping all its energy and often resulting in the termination of the deer. Does that make it a deer cartridge? Of course not. When applied with modern rifle cartridges, this theory … Continue reading

Charlie Bolt

Most hunters, including me, fear the cold when they first start thinking about booking a spring musk ox hunt. I am a northern latitudes kind of guy and I live with long, cold winters and deep snow. I am also usually a “jump in with both feet” kind of guy, willing to try anything once. But I’ll admit that, for the first time in many years, I had doubts. There is something about the thought of venturing north of the … Continue reading

My Reward?

I am dead. The specifics of the event are not important here, but it is the one thing that I am sure about. Soon after it happened I was met by a man whose description eludes me. He said his name was Luke and asked what I wanted. I had just died and he was asking what I wanted? This was getting a bit weird already. I wanted to be alive again, that’s what I wanted, and I wasn’t exactly … Continue reading

Scratching the Itch for a Sports Car Rifle.

  In early April of 2014, I had the pleasure of visiting the grand opening of the Steyr Arms facility in Bessemer, Alabama. This impressive new facility will change a lot of things, including availability of some of their guns here in the US. Steyr sister companies are Mannlicher and Merkel, so there are guns to keep anybody smiling.   The showroom has an impressive display of firearms, illustrating the huge and diverse range of guns this company offers. The … Continue reading

Trigger Points

If you are a hunter you know what it takes to reach this point. The final moment when it’s all on the line and it’s time to shoot. You have poured your heart and soul into getting here. All the months of hard work, the dripping blood, sweat and tears has all been leading this millisecond when you pull the trigger. Hunting is a process, a journey and this is the last step, the final mile and what follows will … Continue reading


I am a lucky man. Due to my chosen profession as a hunting and gun writer (and a lot of hard work) I have been able to hunt most of the world. As a whitetail nut, I think I have hunted them in just about every good place they live and a few not so good. I live in a place that is in the last category. In fact, Vermont may well be in contention for one of the worst … Continue reading