Easter Lessons

   What better way to spend Easter afternoon than shooting guns with your family? We started with some rifle speed drills and when somebody finally ran out of .223 ammo we switched to handguns. I am not sure what the lesson is here, but every single shooter who brought a handgun had a Glock of some kind. I had recently bought a Glock 17 and wanted some trigger time with it. This is a handgun that changed the world and … Continue reading


  My friend and fellow gun writer Joseph von Benedikt posted this recently on Facebook. “Two days ago, a pit bull leaped into my niece-in-law’s van and attacked her. Thankfully she had her Ruger LCR handy. It bit down on the gun and a portion of her hand–they were literally in its mouth–when she shot it. Knocked it back, then it went to chewing on her leg while she emptied the .38 into it. Died against the gas pedal. Kudos … Continue reading

Winter Carry

“Winter is Coming”  – The motto of House Stark. (Game of Thrones) The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance.  Based on the evidence in my part of the world, Global Warming is a myth. For years the old timers here liked to say that “we have nine months of winter and three months of hard sledding.” But, that was back before our winters turned mean. We “northern latitudes” types find that we spend a lot … Continue reading