.223 Remington VS 5.56

. What’s In a Name? Most gun guys know the history of the .223 Remington and that, like so many of our popular cartridges, it started life in the military. Because the military switched to metric designations sometime in the fifties, this little 22-caliber cartridge was called the 5.56X45 NATO (commonly referred to as 5.56) when it was first introduced. The 5.56 surfaced in 1957 as an experimental cartridge in the AR-15 rifle. The concept was to develop a smaller, … Continue reading

Hoggish Opinions

  I am not one to jump on board gun-writing bandwagons, particularly those I know are wrong. For example, I was under incredible pressure from manufacturers and editors to endorse the 45-caliber muzzle loader craze several years ago. But the numbers didn’t impress me and I resisted. I did have an editor who, while he didn’t agree with me, gave me some latitude. I did the tests, ran the numbers, shot some deer and wrote an article that was critical. … Continue reading