Fix it in the Field

Hunting is a tough sport and sometimes bad things happen to your guns. Here are a few of the more common gun problems and how to do firearm repairs in the field. Frozen Bolt First of all, shame on you for this one.  I have seen it happen many times when the temperature drops down in the neighborhood of zero and if your gun fails to fire in extreme cold, it usually means you messed up. You should have degreased … Continue reading

Playing The Game in “Real Time”

There is a game that’s fun to play with your friends. It is simply to pick a historical figure that you would like to spend some time hanging out with. Most quickly pick Jesus, but he is eliminated for a bunch of reasons. First, he’s too obvious. Second, there is no mystery. He will simply do a couple of water tricks; you know, walking on it and turning it into merlot. Then he will raise a dead man back to … Continue reading

The End

I have been a bit remiss in getting new postings up here; but I am sure you understand, I have been hunting. Without dwelling on it, this was a non-typical year of deer hunting for me. I spent more time in the northeast than I have in recent years and more time hunting with friends than on industry sponsored hunts. I got back to my roots a little and was reminded again about how public land hunting can make you … Continue reading


I am a lucky man. Due to my chosen profession as a hunting and gun writer (and a lot of hard work) I have been able to hunt most of the world. As a whitetail nut, I think I have hunted them in just about every good place they live and a few not so good. I live in a place that is in the last category. In fact, Vermont may well be in contention for one of the worst … Continue reading

Richard Writes a Book

If you have followed this Towsley on Tactical blog then you know that Richard Mann and I disagree strongly about the 9mm defensive handguns. But what you probably didn’t figure out is that Richard and I are pretty good friends and we were having a good time with the “arguments.” While we don’t agree on defensive handgun cartridges (and a lot of other things) I will say Richard has a unique mind and is always trying to find the truth … Continue reading