Big Bucks The Benoit Way is Back!

  THE BEST SELLING WHITETAIL HUNTING BOOK IN HISTORY IS BACK! Big Bucks the Benoit Way Now in paperback. All the information, all the bucks, all the Benoits and all the color photos; at a bargain price. See what it takes to track huge whitetail bucks like the legends. Big Bucks the Benoit Way Secrets from America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting   By Bryce M. Towsley If there is such a thing as hunting royalty, it would be the … Continue reading

Lane Benoit’s Hangover Buck

  I was asked today by Outdoor Life to write a short obituary about Lane Benoit for their web site. To help prime the pump I spent a little time looking over some of what I had written about Lane over the years. There is so much good hunting advice and so many stories it was hard to pick a favorit. But, those who knew Lane will recognize that this story from my second Benoit book, “Benoit Bucks” is typical … Continue reading