Lane Benoit

  Lane Benoit passed away February 9th 2015.     As I said to his father Larry so short a time ago I hope he finds clear tracks and short drags.  The world lost a great deer hunter and a great story teller.  This is the opening to the chapter about him in my 2002 book Benoit Bucks.  Lane   Lane is the “middle” Benoit brother. He is a 49-year-old sheetrock hanger who is proud to wear the crown of the … Continue reading

Whitetail Tracking Tips From Lanny Benoit

This is excerpted from the book, Benoit Bucks.  Signed copies are available at “There is one way to tell a young buck, even one with big feet and maybe even a big deer that’s young. A young buck has never had much for antlers and he is used to dipping under branches without getting them tangled. When they are fawns, they are used to scooting under branches and stuff and it takes a while to get out of that … Continue reading