New Tactical Ammo from Barnes

  I guess I have been friends with Coni and Randy Brooks for more than 20 years. They are the folks who owned and ran Barnes Bullets for the past several decades. My wife and I have stayed in their home and have vacationed with them on their houseboat in Utah. We have hunted together a few times, I have visited the Barnes plant multiple times and I can tell you they are some of the finest people in the … Continue reading

When it comes to long range hunting, how far is too far?

  Ethical Long Range Hunting is About a Lot More than Just Hitting the Critter  There are several considerations, but first and foremost is your skill level. Most people will not be honest about that. If you are one of the rare breed that believes in discovering the truth, try shooting at targets at unknown long ranges under a wide variety of conditions. Use a six inch bulls-eye, and make it your goal that every bullet fired must hit that … Continue reading

Use Enough Bullet

I am a true believer in Robert Ruark’s posthumous advice to “Use Enough Gun” when hunting any big game. Why risk all your hard work with anything less?  To somehow “prove” you are a better hunter because you use a cartridge that experienced big game hunters consider too small or inadequate? If that’s the case, I suggest therapy and a new sport.  Something where you can’t wound any animals and leave them to a horrible death in a misguided attempt … Continue reading