Miles to Go

If you ever want a lesson in confusion try researching the history of the mile. It will make you nuts. There is the Roman mile, the Italian mile, the Arabic Mile, the English mile, the Irish mile, the Scottish mile, the Welsh mile and the Dutch mile. Let’s not forget the German mile, Austrian mile, Prussian mile, Danish mile, Hungarian mile, Portuguese mile, Russian mile and the Croatian mile. We must also consider the Statute mile, Imperial mile, International mile, U.S. … Continue reading

New Tactical Ammo from Barnes

  I guess I have been friends with Coni and Randy Brooks for more than 20 years. They are the folks who owned and ran Barnes Bullets for the past several decades. My wife and I have stayed in their home and have vacationed with them on their houseboat in Utah. We have hunted together a few times, I have visited the Barnes plant multiple times and I can tell you they are some of the finest people in the … Continue reading