Big claim for a single book, right? But they pulled it off. This book has it all.

It’s not only a fantastic resource book, but it’s great reading too. You will keep this one on your bedside table. Fair warning though, reading before bedtime may keep you awake nights with excitement.

We have a limited number of copies of this hard cover book published by Outdoor Life.

This book literally covers how to hunt everything. It’s written by some of the top hunting writers in the world and is full of outstanding photography.

The books we have for sale are signed by several of the Authors including the Editor, Andrew McKean.

I wrote the sections on brown and grizzly bears and on the African Big-5, as well as a few other North American and African species.

How to Hunt Everything is a full size, hard-cover book. It is coffee table quality with hundreds of vivid color photos. 320 pages.

There were only a very few books signed by the writers and to my knowledge these are the last of them available anywhere.

Price is $39.99 and we pay the shipping.

Price: $39.99
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