Gunsmithing Made Easy

Gun Smithing Made Easy Hardcover Book by Bryce Towsley
Gun Smithing Made Easy Hardcover Book by Bryce Towsley
A must have for anybody interested in guns. Towsley’s easy reading narrative style mixed with his trademark humor makes this the first “instructional” gunsmithing book that will find itself on a lot of bedside nightstands.
This book uses an easy and fun to read approach coupled with hundreds of color photographs that will teach you how to do a wide variety of hobby gunsmithing projects.This book tells how to set up a shop anyplace, from a kitchen table to a stand alone building. It explains about the tools hobby gunsmiths use; what you need and what you don’t.It will show you how to amaze your shooting friends and make them think you are an accuracy wizard.Everything is included from entry level projects to how to build your own rifle with simple inexpensive tools. Improve accuracy, refinish metal or wood, make an old rifle look sexy and exciting and so much more.Everything is covered, from mounting a scope to building your own rifle:• Setting up a shop, including tools you need
• Proper cleaning and maintenance
• Mounting a scope
• More than a dozen projects, ranging from installing a recoil pad to cutting off a barrel
• Enhancing accuracy, includes crowning a barrel, bedding a stock and much more
• “Pimp My Rifle,” an easy and inexpensive “Total Makeover”
• Build your own rifle
• Metal finishing
• And more!
“When it came to bringing the home-gunsmithing type of story back to American Rifleman, the guy I went to, without hesitation, was Bryce M. Towsley.”
Mark A. Keefe IV, Editor-in-Chief, American Rifleman

Hard Cover

Hundreds of Color Photos


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