Deer Hunting with the Benoits


Follow the amazing Benoit family and friends for two amazing deer seasons. Together they take twelve white tails with nine kills captured on film. Watch the Benoits track mature bucks in the north woods. You’ll see that at the age of 83, Larry Benoit still has what it takes to shoot big bucks. Watch Larry shoot ten pointers. You’ll see Shane Benoit locate and take two huge eight pointers, one weighing 250 pounds. Follow behind Larry Benoit as he tracks down two eight pointers. Larry shares his knowledge helping other hunters bag big bucks. Lane Benoit tracks down a mature ten pointer and then another big New Hampshire eight pointer. Cameraman Bruce Merrill gets some help from Lane and tracks an awesome ten pointer. Friends of the Benoits are filmed taking some nice north woods white tails. This fourth Benoit video will inspire and entertain you..

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