Handguns for a Home Invasion

It was a long and rough day and when your head hit the pillow you were out instantly. Hours later, you are startled out of a deep sleep to the sound of your front door being kicked in. Disoriented and confused, you listen as your dog barks hysterically and then whimpers in pain. The silence that follows is terrifying. You grab the phone and call 911, but know the response time will be far too long. Like they say, when … Continue reading

Size Matters — Use Enough Gun

Like everybody else writing a blog, I have some strong opinions. We all know that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink except mine. But, for what it’s worth, the opinions expressed here have been formulated from nearly half a century of big game hunting, guiding and gun testing. Not just as a casual hunter, but as a guy that has made his living with guns and hunting for thirty years now. A guy who has … Continue reading

Coues Deer Adventure: The Most Boring Deer Hunting on Earth

Bryce Towsley Glassing for Coues Deer

“You writers are all the same when it comes to hunting Coues deer,” the editor told my friend. “First you glass for hours and hours, and then you shoot a ‘gray ghost’ so far across the canyon you need the Hubble telescope just to see him.” The guy finished his tirade by saying, “Coues deer hunting must be the most boring sport on earth.” Maybe, but that wasn’t exactly my experience. Little Kids and Big Machine Guns We were met … Continue reading

The “Ultimate” Long Range Deer Cartridge

Bryce Towsley used a 7mm RUM rifle with a Weaver 4.5-14 scope to shoot this Coues deer at 368 years in the Sierra San Antonio Mountains

In between the bouts of terror and pain I experience while Coues deer hunting, I actually found some time to hunt. I spent it glassing for hours and hours. Then I used my accurate rifle to shoot across a wide canyon and kill the little deer they call the ‘gray ghost.’ Far from boring, it was one of most exciting and challenging hunts I have ever experienced. Even without all the crashing and burning. This may well be the most … Continue reading

A Day Like This One

Bryce Towsley took this cape buffalo with a .416 UMT wildcat cartridge he designed for dangerous game hunting.

The African night was receding as we approached the waterhole, but it was still too dark to see tracks. My mood was as dark as the night had been and was failing to rise with the dawn. We were running out of time on this hunt and I was worried about buffalo. Emotional highs and lows are necessary if the hunt is to be memorable and this one was hitting the bottom. But it was just as much physical as … Continue reading